While you are all no doubt familiar with the Kepler Group financial adviser that you work with, you may not even realise how the wider power of Kepler Group provides security to all our clients. The boutique nature of our businesses was highlighted in recent surveys, with some clients concerned about who would look after them if their regular adviser was out of action.
Ensuring our clients best interests are always considered and protected is a key focus for each and every Kepler Group business, and just as we would encourage our clients to have a robust plan should the unexpected happen, we can assure you that so do we as a Kepler Group business.
In addition to a shared brand, website and a mutual commitment to providing quality financial advice, part of the reason Kepler Group exists is to support member practices should the unexpected occur. Like any risk management plan or insurance cover this support plan remains in the background and is never tested……that is until life threw Ben Jones a curveball.
As a usually fit and active person involved in all manner of community events, a shocking cancer diagnosis was the last thing Ben expected. Recognising the most important thing for Ben, Dannielle and their family were to have some time away from work to rest and recover, the Kepler Group advisers all worked together to ensure Ben’s business was able to continue. Most importantly, his clients always had an adviser available to manage their financial plans, and support his staff at a very difficult time.
Ben’s wife and business partner, Dannielle is grateful for the support which has enabled them to take their time to decide how they will manage their business – “It has been a huge relief to be able to focus on Ben’s treatment and recovery without any additional business stress. Our clients are the heart of our business, and in many cases very good friends, so knowing they were in safe hands was an immense relief”.
We all thank Ben and Dannielle very much for allowing us to share this story and wish them all the best.