KiwiSaver is a great way to keep a regular savings pattern to grow a “nest-egg” for retirement.

We are not a KiwiSaver provider. We don’t have our own products so we can offer unbiased advice. Our advice considers your personal circumstances. We can compare the results of most KiwiSaver providers and make sure you maximise your savings.

With numerous providers each offering different products, costs and returns, it isn’t always easy deciding which KiwiSaver scheme fund is best for you. We can review your KiwiSaver investment to ensure it will help you achieve your goals and aspirations. If you have not yet chosen a KiwiSaver fund we can help identify the fund that best suit your needs so you can have peace of mind that you will be provided for in the future.

The ‘X’ Factor

  • 3,4 or 8% – Your contributions
  • 3% – Your employer’s regular contributions
  • $521  – The Government’s annual contributions
  • ‘X’  – Investment gains or losses

Investment gains or losses are the changes in the price of the units held in your KiwiSaver account. Unit prices rise and fall in response to investment market conditions.

John is a 35year old earning $50,000 per year. Check out the table below and see how the difference in savings rates and the fund profile you select can affect saving at retirement.

%AmountFund Profile

1,2,3 of KiwiSaver

  • The % you contribute 3%, 4% or 8%
  • The fund profile you select – each fund has a different risk
  • Whether a fund is actively or passively managed. A passive approach follows a particular index or market. An active approach applies a consistent investment strategy over time, which can lead to a better investment.


Get a Second Opinion On Your KiwiSaver Savings Account

KiwiSaver began several years ago now, and we have access which shows most providers historical returns. If your provider manages their own fund they are unlikely to tell you if their returns are below other fund providers.

Did you actively choose your fund provider or fund type? We can review your fund and make sure it is suitable to achieve your goals.

20% of people in KiwiSaver are in a default fund. Tax is deducted at a default rate of 28% unless you have elected a lower rate. You cannot get any overpaid tax refunded so this could be lowering your overall savings.

We recommend our review service as an essential step to achieving your long term goals. For more information contact (Subject: KiwiSaver)