Our Process

The key benefits of comprehensive planning are:

  • Having a plan in writing including all your financial information.
  • Increasing family communication and motivation to achieve your goals.
  • Gaining greater understanding about your finances.
  • Modelling future possibilities like having enough savings at retirement, knowing when you can retire or whether you will have enough funds for the rest of your life.
  • Working with an adviser who will act in your best interests to help you succeed and manage your money.
  • Accomplishment and peace of mind.

A Good Plan Includes

  • Assessing your current financial position. We meet to discuss, gather and analyse all your financial and relevant non-financial information.
  • Develop your financial goals. We challenge you to do some crystal ball gazing and help you to discover what these are.
  • Analysing your current position including discovering your attitude towards investment risk. We identify whether you have enough assets to meet your goals and what they are. You complete a short questionnaire about risk and we discuss the results to ensure you have a full understanding of risk and its effects.
  • Composing and presenting your plan. After collating the information and from our discussions, we develop recommendations. We meet to discuss the plan in detail and agree on how you wish to continue.
  • Implementing the plan recommendations. We put in place the recommendation actions and you may also need to carry out some tasks.
  • Reviewing the plan. It is important to review your financial affairs and check you are on track to meet your goals – your circumstances will change and so will the investments that you hold.
  • We recommend Our Review Service as an essential step to achieving your long term goals.