Becoming Part of the Group

Joining the Kepler Brand

Our Vision

  • To increase shareholders’ business performance through association or like-minded professionals.
  • Grow collective strength through leverage and networking to share skills and knowledge.
  • To maintain  our independence, non-aligned to product providers.
  • To encourage others who share our vision to join our association, and to develop the value of the Kepler trademark and brand in New Zealand.

We aim is to increase our collective business by being associated with like-minded people, who are also interested in sharing skills, experience and business costs.

Do you want to be in control of your own business but be part of an association operating under the Kepler Group brand? then contact:  ( Subject: Franchise)

for an informal discussion. We are always happy to hear from interested parties.

Become Part of the Kepler Brand

Become Part of the Kepler Brand

Interested In A Position With A Kepler Group Business?

Opportunity to work in our group may just be an email away. If you would like to show your interest in joining one of our already established teams please contact:  (Subject: Position)

For an informal discussion. We are always open to hearing from other Advisers and Administrative staff.