We have all heard the old adage ‘that nothing is as constant as change’. The world of insurance and investment advice is no exception, so how do you, as a client, know that your adviser is constantly improving their skills and knowledge?
As Authorised Financial Advisers your Kepler Group adviser must meet a prescribed minimum level of continued learning and development to ensure that our skills remain relevant to the adviser services we provide. Each year we start that process with a written plan to identify the focus areas for improvement and development over the next 12 months. Throughout the year regular provider briefings and meetings ensure our skills remain current for the financial products used, as well as attending industry conferences with a range of expert presenters that keep us updated with emerging trends and industry best practice.
Kepler Group advisers are members of the Institute of Financial Advisers, and as part of that membership are required to complete on-going professional development hours well in excess of the legislated minimum. A commitment to on-going professional development is the mark of a true professional and enables our clients to be confident in our skills, experience, and processes.
Recently, Dianne, Annabel, and Ricky attended an Institute of Financial Advisers conference in Auckland. The conference catered for financial advisers working in a wide range of advice fields, and with presentations and workshops from respected industry experts, there were plenty of ‘learning moments’ to be had. The impact digital technology and so-called ‘robo-advice’ will have in the years to come was certainly a common theme, but rest assured we are very confident in the value your ‘human adviser’ will add in the years to come.
While attending these conferences has a short-term time and cost to our individual businesses, as professionals, we recognise the value in the knowledge and learning far outweighs the cost over the longer-term. Providing our clients with the best quality advice is at the core of our business and you can be assured that we are always learning.