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Kepler Group provide a range of Financial Services to help you get what you want out of life. These services include Investment Advice and Planning, Personal and Business insurance and KiwiSaver.

Investment Advice


A proud point of difference for us at Kepler Group is we are not salespeople. We are experienced and qualified advisers who have been helping clients achieve their financial goals for years.


Protecting what is important to you – be it your business, family, home, health or earning capability


With numerous providers each offering different products, costs and returns, it isn’t always easy deciding which KiwiSaver scheme fund is best for you. We can review your KiwiSaver investment to ensure it will help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

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We would like to offer you the opportunity to meet with one of our advisers to show how we may help you in preparing a strategy for achieving your financial goals, plans and ambitions.

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Latest Financial News

The Power of a Group – Ben’s Story

While you are all no doubt familiar with the Kepler Group financial adviser that you work with, you may not even realise how the wider power of Kepler Group provides security to all our clients. The boutique nature of our businesses was highlighted in recent surveys,...

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The Adviser Learning Curve

We have all heard the old adage ‘that nothing is as constant as change’. The world of insurance and investment advice is no exception, so how do you, as a client, know that your adviser is constantly improving their skills and knowledge? As Authorised Financial...

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Asset and Estate planning snippets

The following are common issues or snippets that we notice in conversation with clients and other professionals. We wanted to share these with you so you, or your family, can avoid some potential pitfalls. • Property in a trust - is the insurance cover for the...

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Why Life’s Better with a Financial Plan

Some people feel comfortable developing their own financial plan, but you may prefer to work with a professional who can help you prioritize your goals, analyse your financial situation, recommend solutions and make adjustments over time. That’s where a financial planner comes in. Just like an architect helps design a house and a travel agent helps map out a trip, a financial planner can help guide your financial life.

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Women in transition

After a divorce or the death of your partner, you may not be prepared to take over the entire financial picture. Women in transition tend to face some different challenges than their male counterparts. Some women are new to handling outside the house matters, such as finances, investments, tax and legal matters and all of a sudden sometimes without warning it is all thrust onto your plate. It’s quite an adjustment for many women, and can be overwhelming at first.

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