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Kepler Group provide a range of Financial Services to help you get what you want out of life. These services include Investment Advice and Planning, Personal and Business insurance and KiwiSaver.

Investment Advice


A proud point of difference for us at Kepler Group is we are not salespeople. We are experienced and qualified advisers who have been helping clients achieve their financial goals for years.


Protecting what is important to you – be it your business, family, home, health or earning capability


With numerous providers each offering different products, costs and returns, it isn’t always easy deciding which KiwiSaver scheme fund is best for you. We can review your KiwiSaver investment to ensure it will help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Free Consultation

We would like to offer you the opportunity to meet with one of our advisers to show how we may help you in preparing a strategy for achieving your financial goals, plans and ambitions.

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Client satisfaction is as important to us as it is to them. Here are a few words from those who wish to pass on their appreciation.

Latest Financial News

Managing Emotions

October was a month for the history books. The S&P Index 500 fell 16 out of 22 trading days, this has happened only three times since 1928. Last month also marked the index’s worst October performance since 1970. On average, corrections – defined as at least a 10%...

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Inflation Matters

The adverse effects of inflation on investment returns become especially pronounced over the long run. Your money today will likely buy less tomorrow. In 1913, a carton of milk cost 9 cents US a litre. By 1963, 9 cents would buy a small glass and by 2013 only 6...

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Life after 60

There is plenty of historical evidence that one can live a vibrant life after 60. When you hit 60 you are at the crest of life, for the first time seeing both ways, backwards to see your mistakes and forward to know that you will make most of them again. In candid...

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2018 Budget round-up

Yesterday, finance minister Grant Robertson delivered his first Budget. As expected, it set out the Government’s commitment to what it is calling a “stronger and fairer economy”, while at the same time demonstrating a degree of fiscal prudence. There were few, if any,...

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Great Expectations

The Financial Services Council published a report December 2017 about what it is like and what it could be like for New Zealanders when they retire. The key findings were: Nearly all older New Zealanders will be living on the NZ Superannuation pension alone after just...

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